How does it work?

It is often difficult to know how biogenic or fossil your fuel stream is, especially when you have a mixed fuel stream. However, after incinerating the fuel, all the biogenic and fossil carbon comes out of the stack as CO2. The first step in the 14Credits service is to sample the CO2 that comes out of the stack. We do this by installing our patented sampling device at your installation. Most installations have an Emission Monitoring System (or CEMS), and we connect our sampling device to this system in a non-intrusive manner. The sampler continuously samples flue gas for up to one month and can be supplied as a portable device for quick installation or in a 19 -inch rack version for permanent sampling. The sampler contains a cartridge in which the CO2 is collected. Our cartridges contain a solid adsorbent which allows for safe and reliable transport. After the CO2 is collected we will transport the cartridge to a carbon dating laboratory. Based on the various data we will either calculate the amount of biogenic/fossil CO2 emitted or the amount of green electricity generated. The results will be presented in a confidential report, which the client can use at its discretion.