Press Release

12.07.11 12:07

Revolutionary technology to determine green electricity on verge of breakthrough in UK

Not all CO2 emissions and electricity are created equally. Some are from fossil fuels, others from biogenic fuels. A revolutionary step in technology,  marketed as 14Credits, is enabling easy and accurate differentiation between CO2 emissions created from fossil and biogenic (green) fuels. Recently the British electricity and gas market regulator, OFGEM, has approved the use of this technology for waste-to-energy installations to benefit from Renewable Obligation Certificates.   

14Credits, uses monthly samples of an installation’s stack gas and applies carbon dating to determine how green the CO2 emissions are.  Carbon dating is more commonly associated with archaeological research, enabling historians to accurately determine the age of an object by establishing the amount of carbon-14 isotope.  The amount of green CO2 is finally combined with the energy balance of an installation to determine the amount of green electricity generated. 

The OFGEM’s decision will lead to large benefits to British waste-to-energy companies. Several waste-to-energy installations in the United Kingdom have decided to start using the 14Credits technology (currently used in the Netherlands and Belgium) later this year. For more information about the technology, please visit


14Credits is developed by the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands. The technology will be implemented as ISO standard on short notice.

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