14Credits offers the most reliable service in the industry. Our reliability is multi-faceted:

  • Non intrusiveness
    • Sampling device is small and can easily be connected to existing (CEMS) gas analysis set
    • No impact or interference with existing installation
  • Technology
    • Continuous sampling
      • Monthly samples
    • Only sampler suitable for varying stack gas emissions
    • Only sampler using cartridges with solid sorbent which allow for safe and reliable transport
    • Rugged system with durable components
  • Single point of contact; All in one concept
  • Experienced
    • Proven system with track record
    • 2011: Stack gas measurements and green electricity calculation at waste incinerators in the Netherlands and Belgium
    • 2010: Stack gas measurements and green electricity calculation at waste incinerator in Belgium
    • 2008: University of Groningen uses 14Credits sampler to determine biogenic content of fuel stream at two installations in the Netherlands: waste incineration and co-firing [Palstra, S.W.L., Meijer, H.A.J. Carbon-14 based determination of the biogenic fraction of industrial CO2 emissions – Appli-
      cation and validation.]
    • 2006: Stack gas measurements and biogenic CO2 determination at cement killn in Germany
    • 2002: Stack gas measurements at ECN gasifier test installation
    • 1998: First measurement; biogenic content of sugar